Address: 180 Passaic Avenue, Passaic, New Jersey 10025
Office: (973) 773-2552
Fax: (856) 632-7699
Office Hours: 9:30 AM -2:30 PM: Mon-Thurs.
Shul Email: office@tifereth-passaic.org
Rabbi's Study: (973) 591-6876
Eruv: (973) 778-6655
Mikvah: (973) 778-3596

Tifereth Israel's mailing list is a Google group. To subscribe to the list, go to the Tif-Mail group, send an email to tif-mail+subscribe@googlegroups.com  or e-mail the shul office and ask to be added.

You may also follow us on twitter for time-sensitive announcements and information.

Rabbi Aaron Cohen

Rabbi Emeritus
Rabbi Solomon Weinberger

Joshua Samber

Vice Presidents
Ozer Herzog
Avi Rosenberg

Josh Welikson

Louis B. Chapman

Office manager
Mrs. Simmi Kupferman

To participate in the Welcoming Committee/ Shabbos Hosting please email sisterhood@tifereth-passaic.org.

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