Download Ittim LaTorah, our shul's weekly journal of Torah thought, here.

Our shul’s state-of-the-art and fully-equipped Joseph Gove Beis Medrash is open all day to facilitate your Torah learning. We feature an extensive and constantly changing array of learning programs: shiurim, chaburos and chavrusah opportunities.

Please join one of our regular shiurim or chaburos.

Sukkah ChaburahSunday-Thursday: 8:45-10:15pmChavrusos/Rabbi Binyomin Halberstam
Yoma ChaburahSunday-Thursday: 8:45-10:15pmChavrusos/Rabbi Avi Sarfaty
Daf YomiSunday-Thursday 9:00pmIddo Wernick
Bava Metzia B'IyunSunday-Thursday: 9:00-10:15pmRabbi Pesach Skulnik and Rabbi Yaakov Werblowsky
Mishna Brura YomiSunday-Thursday 9:00pm- 9:15pmRabbi Mordechai Fishman
Gemara Sanhedrin: Amud YomiMonday-Thursday 9:45-10:15pmRabbi Aaron Cohen
Minchas ChinuchThursday 9:30-10:15pmRabbi Avi Sarfaty
Chassidic ThoughtThursday 9:40-10:15pmShlomo Besser

Rabbi Sarfaty's Chabura and Rabbi Halberstam's Chabura both include maarei mekomos given out each week and aim to cover an amud b’iyun each week.  Please come with your chavrusa, or contact us for assistance in finding a new chavrusa. We will be be happy to have you join us for one night a week or every night!

For more information please contact Binyomin Halberstam at 862-686-6748 or benhalberstam@yahoo.com.

Soda, coffee, tea available nightly. Chulent every Thursday night!

We also maintain an extensive and growing online catalog of shiurim, lectures and events on our website, www.tiftorah.org for you to listen to on your computer, iPod or other listening device. The catalog is searchable by category and keywords and many of the categories can be subscribed to on iTunes with a single click.