Shul Renewal Campaign

Join us as we embark on the next great chapter in Tifereth Israel’s history. Our yovel renewal campaign will rededicate the shul’s physical presence with a complete renovation. Beginning with a new centerpiece Main Sanctuary, the shul will be revitalized with modern, efficient and beautiful updates to better serve the needs of our kehila.

Design highlights:

  • Spacious, comfortable, forward facing table and chair seating.
  • Beautiful new Aron Kodesh and Jerusalem Stone Mizrach Wall
  • Bright, aestheticially pleasing new lighting.
  • Soundproof rear wall with improved entrance/egress.
  • Ezras Nashim Balcony with improved sighlines to the amud for every woman's seat and increased room and comfort for all. (Phase 2.)

Click here to download the Yovel project flyer including the list of dedications that are available.

Click here for the text of Rabbi Cohen's letter to the kehila and the community regarding the purpose of the project.

Contact Gavi Giloni to find out how you can join us in this wonderful opportunity to be a part of the rededication of our shul. Multiple financing and payment options are available.

Watch the immersive 3D video of the shul plans below.

(You may also explore the space interactively by yourself by clicking on this link.)